Ferry Tickets & Prices

Pre-Purchase Tickets Online

You can pre-purchase your Daintree Ferry ticket for easy boarding. Simply select the appropriate ticket type and you will receive a unique QR code that our team will scan and validate when you board the ferry. 

Ticket Pricing

Please note that the Douglas Shire Council have confirmed the following increases to the Daintree River Ferry Fares. The new fares came into effect on the 1st of July 2023.

Some key information to be aware of:

  • Discounted 10 vehicle passes or multi-day books expired on 30th June 2023. No refund will be issued for any unused tickets/travel as these passes are heavily discounted.
  • 10 pass bus tickets expired on 30th June 2023, and any remaining trips can be refunded at monetary value. New 10-pass bus tickets can be purchased at the new rates. For refunds, please email us.
  • Single tickets purchased at the FY23 price before 1st July 2023 will require the price difference to be topped up at the ferry before travel.
Daintree Ferry 2023-24 Fees and Charges brochure