Ferry FAQs

Questions about travelling on the Daintree Ferry, buying tickets or local rates? We’ve got all the answers here – or feel free to get in touch.

Purchasing Tickets

You can view ferry pricing and purchase tickets here.

You can pre-book your ticket here or buy a ticket at the tollbooths on the southern side of the river, or on board. EFTPOS is available.

No. You can still purchase tickets at the booth or onboard the ferry using cash, EFTPOS or credit card.

Caravans are charged at the trailer rate and must be purchased together with a vehicle ticket.

Campervans are charged at the car/utility rate.

All commercial vehicles regardless of size are charged at the machinery rate.

Council provides concessional travel on the Daintree River Ferry to all persons who fulfil the eligibility criteria. See our Residents and Frequent Users page for more information.

If you have a ‘Douglas Card’ from the Douglas Shire Council (available to residents from Cardwell to Cooktown, including the Atherton Tablelands), you are eligible for free ferry travel between 1 November and the end of February every year. This is only available for private cars/utes, pedestrians, bicycles and motorbikes.

Passengers are responsible for tickets once purchased.

Tickets that are damaged or become illegible for validation or scanning, will be deemed invalid. Tickets purchased online can be downloaded again using the link in the booking confirmation email.

There are no refunds for lost or damaged tickets.

Any return tickets purchased are valid until the 30th of June each year, meaning you do not have to return on the same day.

Yes, an email address is required if you wish to pre-purchase tickets online.

You can download your QR code when you arrive, however, if for some reason, you are unable to get internet access to download the QR code, you will need to purchase a ticket at the ferry in order to board.

We highly recommend downloading the QR code at the time of purchase to avoid any issues.

No – we are happy to scan the QR code from your mobile phone.

Ferry Travel

The Daintree Ferry spans the Daintree River about 50 kilometres north of Port Douglas, linking the Lower Daintree area with the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation further north.

Travelling north, turn off Mossman Daintree Road onto Cape Tribulation Road (look for signage by the Crossroads Café) and follow it for 3.8km to the ferry tollbooth and boarding ramp.

Travelling North: Follow Cape Tribulation Road towards the end. Approximately 400m before the ferry departure point the road forks in two. Keep left and you will see a tollbooth on the left-hand side where you can buy a ticket. The right-hand lane is used as a priority lane for locals and certain commercial vehicles during peak season.

Travelling South: Drive to the end of Cape Tribulation Rd and take your place in the queue. You can buy your ticket on board the ferry.

Both directions: Once you are in the ferry queue, please remain in your lane and follow the road towards the ferry. When it is your turn to board the ferry, the ferry staff will direct you onto the ramp and show you where to park. When you reach the other side, staff will direct you when it is your turn to disembark.

Please note that during the peak season, queues for the ferry can extend back along Cape Tribulation Rd. Please stay patient, remain in your vehicle wherever possible and be sure to watch for oncoming traffic.

The ferry shuttles back and forth continuously between 5am and midnight (12am) every day, including Christmas Day.

Please note that the Daintree Ferry provides 24/7 support for emergency services callouts including ambulance services. If emergency services require transport, the ferry crossing may be temporarily adjusted to ensure their needs are met.

The crossing takes approximately 15 minutes, including time for boarding and disembarking all vehicles.

There are public toilets on the southern side of the river, approximately 500m before the ferry departure point (at the paved carpark on the left, where various Daintree cruise and tour companies are situated). There are more toilets on the right-hand side of the road directly before the ferry departure point.

On the northern side of the river there are public toilets at the carpark directly before the ferry departure point.

About the Ferry

The Daintree ferry is 43 metres long.

The ferry can carry approximately 27 standard vehicles.

The Daintree Ferry is a cable ferry – the only one in tropical Australia, and one of only three in the state of Queensland.

A large 38mm steel chain cable is connected to each side of the river and an onboard hydraulic winch pulls the ferry back and forth between the riverbanks. The cable is replaced every 12 months. 

The Daintree Ferry is owned by Douglas Shire Council. It is operated by TNQ Transport Services, part of Entrada Travel Group. All ferry staff are local Far North Queenslanders.

About the Daintree Region

Encompassing lush tropical rainforest, towering mountain peaks, river valleys, dazzling white sand beaches and the Great Barrier Reef just off its shores, the Daintree region is one of Queensland’s most iconic natural attractions. It’s also home to an incredibly diverse range of flora and fauna, including some species you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

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The Daintree region is a paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors – walking, hiking, exploring tropical beaches, birdwatching and river tours are just some of the activities on offer. Foodies can enjoy fresh local produce from the region’s farms, plantations and award-winning restaurants. Find out more in our Destination Guide.